BigLetter in six paragraphs

BigLetter is a translation company, with its offices in Gdańsk and in Warsaw. The company is specialised in translations and interpretation into over 40 languages.  Additionally, the company organises international conferences in terms of language services. It also offers foreign language courses. As they say themselves, they stand out with the ability to accurately identify the customers’ needs as well as an individual and flexible approach.

  1. Our expertise is in … languages and translations.
  2. What can others learn from us … how to translate/interpret.
  3. Our major success is the presence in the market for seven years, with so many competitors and translators.
  4. Our ideal customer … is a person who understands what translation is about since it is easier to discuss with such customers and provide them with price appraisals. Our ideal customers appreciate the quality of our work and what we do. They know that the quality of translation requires hard work, internal proofreading by employees of the customer service department.
  5. Our plans for the future include entry to the German market.
  6. Apart from work, our passion is to … work in the garden, relax with family.

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