About us

What we do 

written translations 

  • Ordinary written translations
  • Sworn translations and document certification
  • Document verification

interpretation services

  • Consecutive interpretations
  • Certified (sworn) interpretations
  • Simultaneous interpretations
  • Equipment for simultaneous interpretations


  • related to the subject matter
  • linguistic

Our Mission

BigLetter Translations is a business answering the growing expectations of customers. We offer comprehensive and intelligent solutions in the sphere of translations.

We stand out with the skill of accurate identification of our Customers’ needs. Our solutions in translations are characterised with an individual and flexible approach. In our offer, you can find written translations with graphic services, interpretation services including the organisation of international conferences as well as sworn translations. Our primary objective is to provide you with top quality translations. We are committed to partnership in business.

Our Team

At our Office, we employ people who share our passion for languages and translations. We require that our employees speak at least one foreign language perfectly.

Our Team members are characterised with easy interpersonal contacts and high business culture. All of us have perfect knowledge of MS Office and many other sectoral computer programs. We promote young, ambitious people who look forward to their future in combination with translation or teaching foreign languages.

We work in an informal and friendly atmosphere. We prefer informal and indirect communication between employees and management.

Our locations 

Our offices are located in Gdańsk and in Warsaw.

In 2015 we began to be committed to development. We transferred our main office to the Olivia Business Centre at O4. That is more than just office buildings.  This is primarily the place of economic life in Pomerania while O4 is the largest coworking in Europe. We are happy to be a part of the large business community and that we have an opportunity of becoming partners among OBC residents.

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