translations dtp

SIMPLE graphic services

  • conversion of documents in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, to .doc
  • maintaining the layout of pages including paragraphs, columns and fonts
  • conversion of documents with tables into the .xls format
  • conversion of documents in the .doc or .xls format to .pdf
  • preparation of electronic versions of faxed copies with a simple page layout
  • preparation of electronic version of typescripts with a simple page layout

COMPLEX graphic services

or conversion of documents with a complex graphic design. DTP covers all activities of simple DTP for documents containing:

  • drawings with descriptions
  • complex page layouts with tables, columns, drawings in tables
  • technical drawings and technical documentation
  • tables with multiple records
  • hardly legible table, non-editable
  • other non-standard elements

Preparation for printing 

When we are provided with the customer's translation and the source document, we are able to develop an output file by plotting the translation onto the source file so that the output file corresponds to the original.

Preparation for printing covers:

  • plotting of translation onto the original graphic of the document
  • preparation of a final document in any format, e.g. .doc or .pdf

Advanced graphic services 

Our advanced DTP services include all kinds of document processing with professional graphic programs.